8U Division

Mar 208U-1 The Incredibles4
8U-4 The Flamingos2
Mar 228U -5 Voodoo Dolls4
8U-2 Blue Lightning5
Mar 248U-1 The Incredibles4
8U-3 Terminators12
Mar 248U-3 Terminators12
8U-5 Voodoo Dolls4
Mar 248U-2 Blue Lightning7
8U-4 The Flamingos4
Mar 278U-5 Voodoo Dolls9
8U-4 The Flamingos0
Mar 298U-3 Terminators5
8U-2 Blue Lightning2
Mar 318U-4 The Flamingos2
8U-3 Terminators6
Mar 318U-2 Blue Lightning7
8U-1 The Incredibles1
Mar 318U-1 The Incredibles5
8U-5 Voodoo Dolls4
Apr 38U-5 Voodoo Dolls6
8U-3 Terminators7
Apr 58U-1 The Incredibles7
8U-4 The Flamingos8
Apr 78U-4 The Flamingos4
8U-2 Blue Lightning4
Apr 78U-2 Blue Lightning8
8U-5 Voodoo Dolls2
Apr 78U-3 Terminators7
8U-1 The Incredibles3
Apr 108U-2 Blue Lightning0
8U-3 Terminators6
Apr 128U-5 Voodoo Dolls0
8U-1 The Incredibles8
Apr 148U-1 The Incredibles5
8U-2 Blue Lightning10
Apr 148U-3 Terminators1
8U-4 The Flamingos3
Apr 148U-4 The Flamingos6
8U-5 Voodoo Dolls2
Apr 19EOS Tournament Starts
5th seed Vs. 4th seed
Apr 213rd seed Vs. 2nd seed9:00 am
Apr 21Winner Game 1 (Thurs) vs. 1 seed10:45 am
Apr 21Loser game 1 vs. loser game 212:30
Championship Game:
Winner Game 2 Vs. Winner game 3
8U Division Scoreboard

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