6U Division

All games will be played on fields located at Cerritos Sports Complex.

DateDayTimeFieldVisiting TeamHome Team
Feb 25SAT12:001UnicornsLady Bugs
Feb 25SAT12:003Golden CubsSuperstars
Feb 25SAT1:153Lollipop CrushersCotton Candy Sluggers
Mar 4thSAT9:00LibertyUnicornsLollipop Crushers
Mar 4thSAT10:15LibertyLady BugsGolden Cubs
Mar 4thSAT11:30LibertySuperstarsCotton Candy Sluggers
Mar 11thSAT9:001Cotton Candy SluggersUnicorns
Mar 11thSAT10:151Lady BugsSuperstars
Mar 11thSAT11:301Lollipop CrushersGolden Cubs
Mar 18thSAT9:001SuperstarsLollipop Crushers
Mar 18thSAT10:151Cotton Candy SluggersLady Bugs
Mar 18thSAT11:301Golden CubsUnicorns
Mar 25thSAT9:001Golden CubsCotton Candy Sluggers
Mar 25thSAT10:151UnicornsSuperstars
Mar 25thSAT11:301Lady BugsLollipop Crushers
Apr 1stSAT9:001Lady BugsUnicorns
Apr 1stSAT10:151Cotton Candy SluggersLollipop Crushers
Apr 1stSAT11:301SuperstarsGolden Cubs
Apr 8thSAT9:001Cotton Candy SluggersSuperstars
Apr 8thSAT10:151Golden CubsLady Bugs
Apr 8thSAT11:301Lollipop CrushersUnicorns
Apr 15thSAT9:001Golden CubsLollipop Crushers
Apr 15thSAT10:151UnicornsCotton Candy Sluggers
Apr 15thSAT11:301SuperstarsLady Bugs
Apr 29thSAT9:001Lady BugsCotton Candy Sluggers
Apr 29thSAT10:151Lollipop CrushersSuperstars
Apr 29thSAT11:301UnicornsGolden Cubs

Cerritos Girls Softball Association is a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers from within the community.