14U Division

All games will be played on fields located at Cerritos Sports Complex, except where noted.

DateDayTimeFieldVisiting TeamHome Team
Feb 27SAT9:00Opening Day - No Game
Feb 29MON7:00ELDO 5Teenage DirtbagsLA-1
Mar 1TUE6:154LA-2Teenage Dirtbags
Mar 5SAT9:00Lisa FernandezTeenage DirtbagsLB-1
Mar 7MON7:00ELDO 5Teenage DirtbagsLA-2
Mar 12SAT12:304LB-2Teenage Dirtbags
Mar 17THU6:153LB-2Teenage Dirtbags
Mar 19SAT2:15Liberty
LB-1Teenage Dirtbags
Mar 22TUE6:154LA-1Teenage Dirtbags
Mar 24THU7:00HW1Teenage DirtbagsLB-2
Apr 2SAT5:15ELDO 3Teenage DirtbagsLA-1
Apr 5TUE6:45Lisa FernandezTeenage DirtbagsLB-1
Apr 9SAT2:154LA-2Teenage Dirtbags
Apr 12TUE6:154LB-1Teenage Dirtbags
Apr 16SAT5:15ELDO 5Teenage DirtbagsLA -2
Apr 19TUE7:00BAN 2Teenage DirtbagsLB-2
Apr 23SATTBDTBDLA-1Teenage Dirtbags
Apr 25SATEnd Of Season Tournament

Cerritos Girls Softball Association is a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers from within the community.