8U Division

All games will be played on fields located at Cerritos Sports Complex, except where noted.

DateDayTimeFieldVisiting TeamHome Team
Feb 25SAT12:002RaptorsBlack Widows
Feb 25SAT1:452Blue DiamondsSharknado
Feb 28TUE6:152Blue DiamondsBlack Widows
Mar 2THU6:152SharknadoRaptors
Mar 4SAT12:45LibertyRaptorsBlue Diamonds
Mar 4SAT2:30LibertyBlack WidowsSharknado
Mar 7TUE6:152Black WidowsRaptors
Mar 9THU6:152SharknadoBlue Diamonds
Mar 11SAT9:002RaptorsSharknado
Mar 11SAT10:452Black WidowsBlue Diamonds
Mar 14TUE6:152SharknadoBlack Widows
Mar 16THU6:152Blue DiamondsRaptors
Mar 18SAT09:002RaptorsBlack Widows
Mar 18SAT1:001Blue DiamondsSharknado
Mar 21TUE6:152SharknadoRaptors
Mar 23THU6:152Blue DiamondsBlack Widows
Mar 25SAT9:002RaptorsBlue Diamonds
Mar 25SAT10:452Black WidowsSharknado
Mar 28TUE6:152SharknadoBlue Diamonds
Mar 30THU6:152Black WidowsRaptors
Apr 1SAT9:002Black WidowsBlue Diamonds
Apr 1SAT10:452RaptorsSharknado
Apr 4TUE6:152Blue DiamondsRaptors
Apr 6THU6:152SharknadoBlack Widows
Apr 8SAT9:002Blue DiamondsSharknado
Apr 8SAT10:452Black WidowsRaptors
Apr 11TUE6:152SharknadoRaptors
Apr13THU6:152Blue DiamondsBlack Widows
Apr 15SAT9:002Black WidowsSharknado
Apr 15THU10:452RaptorsBlue Diamonds
Apr 25TUE6:152SharknadoBlue Diamonds
Apr 27THU6:152Black WidowsRaptors
Apr 29SATAll Day - End Of Season Tournament2

Cerritos Girls Softball Association is a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers from within the community.